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This is the inside of the computer, the part you don't see.
Don’t let this happen to you!
Possibly one of the worst things that happens to a computer over time is dust and debris. If it gets inside your computer it can cause premature failures.
Common system failures include, dead hard drives, non functional optical drives, mainboard capacitors rupturing and the list goes on.
Sign up for a maintenance plan to keep the inside of your computer nice and tidy. We will also complete the other steps to check overall system wide health, see our list below for details. Having the system maintenaced regularly will reduce major repair costs and equipment failures so your system lasts longer and is more efficient.
**IF you would like a yearly tune up plan please ask for pricing in the comments area.**
We offer a tune up for the computer that includes:
* Clean out the interior of the desktop (outside of laptop, including keyboard area)
* Check computer for program updates (Microsoft products and more)
* Check computer security program for updates and expiration
* Check system health, notify user if there is reported issues
* Check startup items for programs no longer installed that may cause system slowness
* Optimize the user(s) profiles for speed and efficiency and adjust power settings accordingly
* Malware check to see if any hidden rootkits, malware, spyware or other phishing programs are running
* Remove temporary files and folders from user profile and the Internet Explorer
* Check the hard drive for free space
* Defragment the hard drive
* Review the amount of memory usage, advise on a memeory upgrade if needed.
* Check the system fans, power supply fans for any abnormal noise or issues
* Clean off the desktop keyboard from debris inside of it
All for $65!
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