Data Recovery
Data Loss
Data Loss?
"Hard drives fail. If this happens then we are here to help."
Data loss is probably the most frightening thing to ever happen to any of us, especially since we can take things for granted.
People mention that "it's on the PC so I know it's there and it's safe." No matter how safe you think your data is - it's not. Backup hard drives are now a necessity for everyday computing. They are a set it and forget it kind of an operation with little to no interaction from you.
Now with that understanding, if you have encountered the fatal error of the Operating System not booting up, or random crashes, or worse yet, your hard drive is making a clicking noise, we can help.
Now There is a chance the hard drive might not spin at all or the drive is completely unreadable, than that's when it gets ugly and very pricey. For that the drive would need to be sent to a specailist who deals with these kind of situations, again, very pricey.
For normal data recovery as mentioned above, this is not usually a pricey task and can be completed relatively easily with the tools and software that we have to get your data back.
To get the service, please see our contact us page and select the Data Recovery service or call us to ask us questions regarding your issues.
Any questions that you may have can be answered by phone or email
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